Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Women put more attention to their hair than the men do. That is due to the fact that society has defined that having a shiny and properly styled hair can enhance their natural beauty. Nevertheless, medically speaking, maintaining a healthy hair is also fundamental. That is due to the fact that hair that has not been cared for properly may cause illnesses like fungal infections.

Another hair problem that may be encountered by women of all ages is hair loss or thinning. It is a situation wherein the number of hair strands falling out from the head is higher than normal, which is above 100 on a daily basis. The causes of hair loss in women may be internal or external. In addition, the cause will differ from one person to another. Hence, this article will be discussing some of the most common hair loss causes.

External Causes

It is a known fact that people around the world use products on their hair like shampoos, conditioners, leave-on oils, and the likes. Such are produced with the promise that the hair will look shinier and better. However, there are certain ingredients, especially in shampoos, that are actually harmful to the hair and may cause hair fall, thinning, and loss.

A popular one is the so-called Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or SLS. According to science and research, this compound is responsible for hair follicle corrosion, as well as hair growth inhibition. What is worst is that it was also found out that it also poses negative effects on the body's immune system. With that in regard, it is recommended that women choose products that are made with natural ingredients.

In addition to hair washing products, hair loss in women can also be caused by too much use of hair styling products like dyes, oxidizers, and bleach. These products have certain compounds that weaken and damage the hair strand, as well as dehydrate and irritate the scalp and the hair roots. Hence, the hair starts to fall off. According to experts, hair loss is also associated with the too tight tying of hair. That is because the hair is pulled too much leading to breakage. Hence, it is recommended that women at least untie their hair once a week to allow it to "breath" and grow again.

Internal Causes

People who want to stop losing hair today are recommended to stay away from stress. If they cannot, they should at least limit their exposure to stressors or take some time off from their stressful environment. Although hair loss due to stress will only last for a few months, the extent may be moderate or severe. Hence, it is still very visible and alarming.

Deficiency in certain nutrients may also cause hair loss in women. Vitamin D, lysine, zinc, and copper are the most common compounds that responsible for making sure that the hair is healthy. That is because they have roles in ensuring that hormonal levels are maintained at a right level. It should be noted that hormonal imbalance can also cause hair loss. Hence, with the proper diet, individuals will be hitting two birds with one stone.

Now that women are already aware of the different causes of hair loss, they can now find ways to ensure that they have faster hair growth.